CivicSpark associate positions

Are you passionate about building up the 6ix? Interested in a career in Policy? Or perhaps networking with the city’s emerging leading organizations from across the region? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply to be either a CivicSpark associate! As the only undergraduate public policy case competition in the region, we encourage all undergraduates from all academic backgrounds and fields from all universities across Ontario to apply for these positions. You will have the opportunity to work with emerging city builders from leading organizations such as CivicAction, Centre for Community Partnership as well as Toronto City Councillors.

Application deadline for all listed positions:  October 2, 11:59 PM EDT.

                                     Please submit all required application documents, late applications will not be accepted!                                      Contact with any questions or concerns



Available positions: Research, communications and external

Research Associates

This year research associates are responsible for formulating case studies for the upcoming 2018 Civicspark public policy case competition. As research associate, you will be working closely with research directors in preparing research materials, identifying issues in GTA area and simulates various solutions for the case studies. Additionally, associates will meet with members from Civicaction and Centre for Community Partnerships to review the designed case.  

  • Assist Directors of Research with designing and formulating case study for the 2018 case competition 
  • Attend monthly meetings with Civicspark executive team
  • Attend meetings with CivicAction, Centre for Community Partnerships and MaRS
  • Researching and preparing necessary case materials for workshops and case competition 
  • Work with the Director of External Affairs to reach out to Canadian Urban Institute to review and develop case

Must submit sample of your writing from course work (500 words max)

Communications Associate 

The role of communication associate involves planning and implementing communication strategies for Civicspark. You will be required to update Civicspark social media page and website to promote latest events and the upcoming public policy case-competition. Furthermore, the communication associate will work closely with directors in planning, organizing and executing effective marketing strategy for Civicspark. 

  • Working closely with the Director of Communications in developing the effective communication strategy
  • Assist in marketing CivicSpark's message using social media platforms to strengthen online presence 
  • Designing and preparing effective promotion materials (both for print and web) for the case competition 
  • Maintain CivicSpark's branding on all social media and promotional materials 
  • Assist in creating promotional video for case competition 

Technical Requirements:

  • Knowledge in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop 
  • Knowledge of social media platforms: twitter, facebook and instagram 
  • Asset: film or video editing experience 

Must submit 3 samples from your portfolio and links to your social media

External Affair Associate

This year External Affair Associate is responsible in reaching out to private corporation, campus student groups and universities across GTA. As External Affair Associate, one of your main responsibility is to foster relationships with campus organization, which enabled Civicspark to promote its upcoming case-competition through their platform. Additionally, the external affair associate also need to work closely with director of communication in devising and preparing for marketing strategies.

  • Attend meetings with sponsors and partners such as CivicAction, MaRS, Centre for Community Partnerships, Toronto Community Housing and other organizations  
  • Devise, implement and evaluate communications strategies for the inter-universities public policy case competition 
  • Assisting in reaching out and negotiating potential sponsors and student groups 
  • Work together with Director of Communications to market events, specifically to students in other universities 


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