Our First Conversation

Our Conversations encourage the audience to think of innovative solutions to social problems. We all have lived experiences, knowledge, opinions...so let's turn them into solutions! We hope each conversation can have a "Spark". A spark can be an idea or solution ignited by a word, a conversation or even an encounter.

Many of the "sparks" at our event in October highlighted the importance of communication between youth and both public and private entities in order to reach comprehensive policies and programs that integrate youth and the development of their communities.

Meet our wonderful speakers that came to our first event:


The Topics and Answers of the day:

How do we engage youth in changing neighborhoods?

A: To engage youth, we have to connect youth. Connections centered around “talking with rather than to youth”, creating mentorship between public and private Insitutions that support youth, bridging gaps between “them and us”. 

How do we ensure that the arts and green public spaces are accessible to all youth demographics in Toronto?

A: Engaging youth of various demographics through inclusive communication and looking into ways of making art public and free. 

What is one of the biggest obstacles in accessing youth, especially in marginalized communities? How will these changes over the next five years?

A: Create youth “hubs for interactions” that break social divides and empower youth with a bottom up approach, providing them with tools tailored to their needs. 

How can youth get involved in the topic of changing neighborhoods in the next 10 years?

What about participatory budgeting? Involving and informing youth on their opportunities, gives them a voice. Letting them have a say in the programs that are formed, creates youth leaders that are able to bring forth the needs of the youth in their community and make budget apportionment more efficient and beneficial.